Dementia Care

CNSp Dementia

Shalini John

The CNSp (Dementia) provides specialist dementia nursing expertise and outreach to service users from CHO 9 and their carers and families who are attending the Day Hospital in St. Mary’s Hospital. The CNSp works as a key member of the wider Geriatric Integrated Care team. The CNSp works using case management approach and acts as a liaison between Services for Older People and other relevant departments and agencies both inside St. Mary’s Hospital and off-site agencies.


The CNSp attends Day Hospital Clinics, conducts Domiciliary visits and does Telephone ‘Follow-Up’. She also has a major role in education and training. She has led out and trained, both staff members and visiting students, on ‘Introduction of Dementia’ and ‘Supporting People with Dementia with Responsive Behaviour’. She aims at raising awareness about Dementia and supporting Care workers, while meeting the wider national goal of making CHO 9, a Dementia Friendly Community.