Digital Improvement Project 

Office of a web design company

The aim of the initiative is to transform the infrastructure and the way the organisation uses digital technology for the benefit of care of the older person. 

The digital Project is embedded in the integrated care programme for the older person.
The project aims to link all services in a more unified manner with stronger communication links and processes to achieve better outcomes and satisfaction for the service users.   For example ,  clinical case managers, clinicians in the community, nursing liaison staff, Hospital based and community Nursing Unit staff will be able  to provide a better safer way of delivering person centred care through improved communication , documentation (electronic records) and practice.  


The vision is to map the patient’s journey to see how improvements using digital technology could enhance outcomes for service users and to manage the digital improvement project within in the campus working with key stakeholders to deliver recommendations on optimising current infrastructure and developing new concepts and ways of working. A digital mindset that puts the service user in the centre would be the key to achieve this goal.

The primary motivation for the project is to work in line with the objectives of the Slainte Care and integrated care programme for care of the older person. This project links with the service plan for St. Mary’s and CHO DNCC for 2020. 

In particular it ties in very well with the aims of the 10 step integrated care framework for older persons.


The Project is launched on 6th January 2020, with Shimmy George, as the Digital Project Manager, for a timescale of 12 months to 6th January 2021.