Ear Care

The ability to communicate is a vital part of ones sense of identity.’ 
Hans & Jones, 2000

In 2006 there was a recognised need to develop an ear care service for the patients and residents in St Marys. In collaboration with Rothenham Hospital in the UK two nurses undertook a National Diploma in Primary Ear Care and went on to set up the first nurse led ear care service in Ireland. 


Since its inception the service has grown from strength to strength, with an increasing number of nurses joining the service. With two clinics a week on average 250 new referrals are received each year thus demonstrating a clear need for ear care. 


To date six more nurses have completed the programme and together provide an invaluable service to patients’, residents and outpatients in the Dublin North City area.


The problems that are dealt with through the clinic are :


  • Wax

  • Hearing loss

  • Tinnitus

  • Infections


In addition an increasing role of the service is to promote the use and provide support to patients using hearing aids. Associated with this we have seen an increase from 6% to 15% of the local population now use a hearing aid. Overall through interventions and successful management in ear care we have improved the quality of life for many of our patients, residents and outpatients.