Gerontology Nurse Specialist

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Interim CNSp Devi Mohan

The role purpose of CNSp Gerontology is to:

“Utilise specialist knowledge and competencies to facilitate and maintain holistic person centred, high quality nursing service to the service users attending St Marys Hospital-both residential and short stay- so that they will achieve their maximum health potential and receive timely, holistic and effective nursing care”. 


The role of the CNSp Gerontology is varied and interchangeable according to service need.

Key elements of this role are;

  • Carry out a comprehensive geriatric assessment on older adults in the day hospital to evaluate an older person’s functional status, physical health, cognition, mental health and social environmental circumstances.

  • Work in collaboration with other members of the MDT in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating an individualised plan of care for the older person

  • Co-ordinator of services between community service providers, the GPs and the hospital in order to enhance and maintain the health and wellbeing older person and to enable them to live with dignity and independence in their own home.

  • Provide education to service users, families and staff members in relation to the specialist area of practice.

  • Initiates, participates in and evaluates audit; uses outcomes of audit to improve practice. 

The areas of special interest of CNSp include:


  • Continence promotion 

  • Prevention, early recognition and management of delirium in older adults 

  • Diabetes care

  • Runs a Nurse Led Continence Promotion Clinic in Day Hospital for adults aged 65yrs and above: 

    • Carries out complete continence assessment 

    • Educates behaviour and lifestyle modification techniques 

    • Urinalysis and Urine C&S

    • Blood tests for PSA 

    • Bladder scanning and reporting

Clinic offers referral to various referral services such as in house physiotherapy, dietetic department, OT, Public Health Nurse, GPs.