Healthy Ageing Clinic

Ann Gallagher

Staff Nurse

Veron Tavey

Staff Nurse

St Mary’s Healthy Ageing Clinic is a nurse led clinic that was established in 2006 following an identified need for the service. Osteoporosis is on the increase and is the main cause of bone fractures and disability in our older adult population.


The clinic provides an Osteoporosis Screening and Bone Health Education Service to adults identified as being at risk for osteoporosis. This service operates four days a week and has a direct link to a designated Osteoporosis Clinic for those requiring further investigations and treatment.


To date, 2/3 of those attending the Healthy Ageing Clinic have been identified as having reduced bone density with 50% of them receiving a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Access to the Healthy Ageing Clinic is by referral letter from a medical doctor – GP or hospital.


In 2015 eBoneHealth in the Park an elearning education resource was developed and implemented in St Mary’s for the staff their families and the patients/residents and their families.  It is now available to all at