Infection Prevention & Control

The rise in Healthcare Associated Infections is presenting a significant challenge to health systems throughout the world and Ireland is no different. The Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Lead aims to assist in preventing avoidable infection to residents, staff and visitors within St Mary’s Campus.


The main element of this is via educating and promoting hand hygiene for everyone.  St Mary’s Campus follows international best practice as recommended by the World Health Organisation – 5 moments (see diagram). 




Other key responsibility of the IPC Lead Nurse includes:


  • Provide and maintain comprehensive, efficient and effective infection prevention and control service by assessing, identifying, developing, implementing and evaluating key performance indicators (KPI).


  • Research and audit - Undertake audits of practice and facilities and feed back to staff regarding any necessary changes. Participate in research such as the National Survey of Healthcare Associated Infection in Long-term Care Facilities (HALT).

  • Investigate and manage healthcare associated infection outbreaks through the use of effective containment measures and surveillance.


  • Aid communication structures throughout campus, regionally and nationally so that infection control advice can be conveyed quickly and effectively. 

  • Interpret and recommend for adoption in practice, national and international recommendations and guidelines. 


  • Contribute to the formation, development and implementation of policies and procedures within St. Mary’s Campus.

  • Leading and implementing change in all aspects of infection prevention and control.


  • Surveillance - Monitor infection rates across the campus in conjunction with ward staff and link nurses who send monthly reports on infection and antibiotic consumption.


  • Education - Provide education both formally and informally regarding infection prevention and control.

  • Infection Prevention and Control Committee - Chair Infection Control Committee – this group is multidisciplinary and meets approximately 4 times per year.

Rosely John.jpg

Rosely John

Acting Lead Nurse

Diagram from the World Health Organisation Global Strategy

on Hand Hygiene, 2013