Clinical Liaison Nurse / Bed Manager

Orla Ffrench, Nurse Liaison

My role is to ensure the provision of a seamless integrated service with a multidimensional and multidisciplinary input for frail older persons as they move through the acute sector, home, extended care, transitional care or post  acute care services.


Admission to PPCNU (Phoenix Park Community Nursing Unit)

  • As  liaison nurse, I meet families to provide information and answer any questions regarding all services in the PPCNU and St Mary's. You are most welcome to call me on 087 1206860 to arrange an appointment to view the PPCNU.

  • Assess patients to ensure that the PPCNU can cater for their needs prior to admission.

  • Inform staff of the pre admission assessment so that they can plan the residents care prior to admission.


Clements Rehabilitation Ward

  • Manage 22 beds.

  • Liaise with bed flow in the MMUH re appropriate admission to intensive rehabilitation ward.


Local Placement Forum (LPF)

  • Attend the LPF to review any clients applying for a Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal ) bed.

  • Clients are deferred, declined or approved at the Forum and the decision is signed off by the team.


Integrated Care Management Delayed Discharges (DD)

  • Attend the DD weekly meeting and review all the listed patients to assess how to facilitate their appropriate discharge.