Fiona Dunne, Assistant Director of Nursing

(Nurse Practice Development)

Practice Development

Head of Department: Fiona Dunne

Assistant Director of Nursing (Nurse Practice Development)

The Practice Development Unit is located on the middle floor of the Administration building located near the main hospital front gate.


Practice Development Ethos and Activity

Practice Development is a continuous process of improvement towards increased effectiveness in person centred care. This is achieved by empowering health care teams develop their knowledge and skill. Through training, education and practice development initiatives, the department endeavours to promote and facilitate the continuing professional and personal development of nursing staff in order to enable them in the provision of a high standard of evidenced -based care for patients, residents and their families and transforms the culture of safe patient care. The Nursing Practice Development Department (NPDD) in St. Mary’s Campus is currently staffed by an Assistant Director of Nursing Practice Development Co-ordinator. Teamwork is fundamental to practice development and the department works closely with the interdisciplinary teams including all Health & Social Care Professionals, Pharmacists, Education department as well as external agencies and organisations. The nurse tutor in the Education department ensures ensure the provision of a quality clinical learning environment for student nurses.


The role of the Nursing Practice Development Co-ordinator supports and promotes changes in healthcare and is multi-faceted. Here are some of the key elements:

  • Leading the Nursing Practice Development Unit, which supports all grades of nursing staff in developing nursing practice to facilitate high standards of patient, focused nursing care.

  • Leading the development of excellence in nurse practice to ensure safe and quality care patient care.

  • Championing and supporting the quality and safety manager in quality risk management and governance

  • Managing activities in order to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate nurse practice in all areas of the campus and promote an environment for professional nursing practice

  • Facilitating and sharing of nursing research to implement best practice, and networking across the campus and other hospitals to ensure the continuous process of improvement towards increased effectiveness in patient centred care.

  • Providing a professional role model which is consistent with the values and strategic direction of the organisation.

  • Supporting the nursing service quality assurance programmes to meet standards for quality assured and safe care.

  • Leading, generating, co-ordinating, evaluating and reviewing evidence based nursing policies, protocols, procedures and guidelines

  • Keeping up to date with nursing literature, present nursing research and new developments in nurse practice, management and conferences relating to nursing issues.

  • Initiating, facilitating and taking part in relevant nursing research and promote research awareness within the nursing service.

  • Supporting, promoting and actively participating in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service

  • Participating in meetings with Senior Nurse Management team as interdisciplinary meetings as appropriate.

  • Support other departments in formulating evidence based policies, protocols, guidelines and procedures that will ensure that the highest standard of patient focussed nursing care is provided within available resources.

  • Co-ordinating the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the structures and processes required to support safe nurse prescribing which meets the requirements of St. Mary’s  Hospital and the Phoenix Park Community Nursing Unit   and is compliant with the requirements and standards of Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland and the Health Service Executive.

  • Representing St. Mary’s Campus at the Regional Nurse Practice Development Professional Forum NMPDU Dublin North.

  • Supporting nurses undertaking research within St. Mary’s Campus

  • Carrying out audits and supporting other staff undertaking audit.

  • Providing education and support in the use of the Quality Nursing Metrics

  • Facilitating staff to evaluate nursing practice implement change and encourage and support nurse professional development.

  • Providing career development guidance including interview techniques and preparation.

  • Liaising with the Director of Nursing to complete the funding application for continuous professional development.

  • Supporting newly appointed nurses to the organisation and facilitates mentoring of existing staff.

  • Monitoring, evaluation and development and implementation of evidence informed practice.

  • Supporting the development of audit and quality assurance programmes.

  • Providing, coordinating and assisting in service education.

  • Managing the nursing service continuous quality improvement programmes in such a way as to support and ensure the delivery of the highest standard of patient focused care throughout the hospital.

  • Coordinating the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the structures and processes to support safe nurse prescribing which meets the requirements and standards of the Irish Nursing and Midwifery Board and the Health Service Executive.

  • Focusing on patient centred care.

  • Developing individual skills and competencies

  • Supporting ward staff involvement in specific quality projects.

  • Facilitating service wide initiatives in collaboration with interdisciplinary staff.

  • Identifying and prioritising clinical issues and assist clinicians in resolving such issues.

  • Facilitation of research within the campus.

  • Facilitation, promotion and management and improvement of services within the campus

Contact details:

Fiona Dunne

Phone: 0766959837

Internal: 59837  Bleep #337