Research Activity



With the ever changing world of nursing and developments in healthcare it is essential that we ensure the care we provide is evidence based and current.  To this end awareness and involvement in research at a local and national level are paramount.


St Mary’s nursing community pride itself at being at the forefront of many new developments in gerontological nursing and have been selected and participated in research activities locally, nationally and internationally some of which are outlined below:-



N.I.P.E.C 1998

F.I.R.E Project 2008 to 2012

H.A.L.T. 2010 Ongoing



Small Stories Matter - Family Experiences of Transitioning a Family Member into Residential Care -2019

Key Performance Indicators - 2013

Nursing Metrics - 2012

N.A.P.A - 2010

National Falls Working Group - 2012 Ongoing

Dementia Strategy Round Table Working Group - 2013

S.A.T - 2010 to 2012

Pressure Ulcer Prevention through Repositioning – 2009

Hospice Friendly Hospitals 2007 Ongoing



PARTNERs - 2008 to 2010

Plate pals - 2008