Stroke Care

Adina Stefanuca

CNSp Stroke Care

The Clinical Nurse Specialist in stroke care is instrumental in coordinating the care of patients following a stroke between the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH), and St Mary’s Hospital since 2005.


This role involves attending MDT meetings on a weekly basis in the MMUH where potential patients are identified for rehabilitation, liaising with the stroke unit in the MMUH, assessing the patients’ rehabilitation potential in collaboration with the Consultant Physician and arranging transfer to St Mary’s if deemed appropriate.


The stroke rehabilitation unit in St Mary’s is a 10 bedded unit and provides care to adults from 18 years and over. During rehabilitation the CNSp is actively involved with the day to day management of the patient, education on secondary stroke prevention, medication management and health promotion. On discharge from the unit, care continues as the CNSp provides on-going support to the patient and their family in a nurse led post stroke follow up outpatient clinic.


Additional post discharge support is also provided by the CNSp in a Stroke Support Group which is held every two months. The group provides education, health promotion and support on all aspects of life following a stroke.Audit and research activity are central to the CNSp role, outcomes of which have been presented at key conferences locally and nationally. She acts as an education resource for the staff on the unit and across the campus. She promotes the HSE Stroke Care Foundation Programme for nursing, MDT staff, and visiting nursing and medical students across the rehabilitation unit.

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