Care of the Older Person Specialist Placement - Information for Students

Our aim is to offer people care that is equitable, of high quality and for which we are individually accountable

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Simone Comiskey

Director of Nursing

St Mary's Campus

Anne Marie Payne is the Nurse Tutor in St Mary's Campus.

She can be contacted by email or by phone Tel 0766959803

Care of the Older Person

Welcome to your Care of the Older Parson Specialist Placement. Caring for older people requires an unique set of skills that you will utilize throughout your nursing career in almost every career path you follow.

Taking Charge of Learning

In St .Mary’s and the Phoenix Park Community Nursing Units (PPCNU) we recognise the student nurses are adults who learn in a variety of ways therefore it is the students responsibility to seek out learning opportunities with the guidance of the nursing team. We encourage you to ask questions, undertake reading and use the wealth of experience that is available to you in this specialist placement. This will assist you in bridging you theoretical learning with practice.

There is information on the Nursing in the Park Website on how to conduct a medication round as a learning experience for student to review

Transitional Students

Transitional Year Students to contact me (Anne Marie Payne) for placements.

Reflective Time

Four hours/week are allocated for reflection during all supernumerary placements. This includes writing up learning logs, preparing & presenting case studies, ward teaching session,  lectures, reading case notes, etc. Reflective time is taken in the clinical area and the outcome of reflective time is shared with your preceptor.

Nursing Support Team

In order to enhance your learning there are a number of areas that you may avail of to supplement your learning. The following is a list of members for the nursing team and their contact numbers. The student nurse may contact the team to arrange a time to meet:


Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNSp)

  1. Tissue Viability -  Maree Barry,  Extension  59436

  2. Infection Prevention and Control -  Parvathi Theyagarajan,  Extension 59850

  3. Haemovigilance - Usha Varghese, Extension 59395

Advance Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

  1. Older Person-Community - Daragh Rodger,  Extension 59414

Other Team Members

  1. Clinical Liaison - Orla Ffrench, Extension 59832

  2. Therapeutic Activities - Catherine Lawlor,  Extension 59513

  3. Healthy Ageing Clinic/ DEXA Scan - Ann Gallagher,  Extension 59415

  4. Ear Clinic information at ward level, speak to the Clinical Nurse Manager

Contact Details

While on the secondment there are a number of systems in place if a need should arise. The following people should be contacted a soon as the student nurse is experiencing any difficulties during their placement:    

  • Preceptor/ Co-preceptor

  • Clinical Nurse Manager/ Charge Nurse

  • Nurse Tutor - Extension 59803

  • Clinical Placement Co-ordinator

CPCs may come in to meet with the student nurses; the nurse tutor will contact the CNMs to notify the time and place to meet with the CPC. The students are expected to be on duty on the day the CPC is on the campus.

Reporting for Duty

On Day One, the student nurses meet the nurse tutor in Reception at 09.00. After day one; students attend three 11.6 hour shifts Monday through Friday starting at 07.45 until 19.20. This includes 31 hour clinical experience and 4 hours reflective time (onsite). Breaks are included in the hours. Off-duties are arranged with the Clinical Nurse Manager on the student’s allocated ward. Alternative schedules are available.

Bank Holiday weeks: Two 11.6 shifts as noted above and one 5.4 hour shift of 07.45-13.15

TCD students attend the Day Hospital, Monday through Friday 08.00 to 16.00. Student attending their Care of the Older Person placement attend as noted above



All breaks are thirty minutes. Breakfast break should at a time to facilitate participation in the Drug Round.

The staff restaurant is located in St Mary's Hospital and is open from 0900hrs to 1430hrs (hot food is available only during these times) and is open is the afternoon from 1500hrs to 1530hrs (for tea and coffee only). Vending machines are available in the hospital and PPCNU for hot drinks and healthy snacks. Break rooms in the PPCNU have a special refrigerator for staff to store their own meals and a microwave is also available.

Sick Leave

Attendance is 100%. If unable to attend your placement, please contact the Nurse Tutor’s Office (01) 625 0303 by 08.30 (you may leave a message). The student nurse must also inform the university as per individual guideline

Public Transport & Parking

Parking: is free and there are a number of car parks available on the campus

Buses:  The following buses service the Chapelizod Gate: 25, 66, 66A, 66B and 67. More information is available on bus times from the Dublin Bus Web Site - and there are apps available for Apple and Android Phones which relay real time information about bus services and times - follow this link to the Dublin Bus Web Site.

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